AnalyticGraph.com is an online platform for making, storing, using, computing, and sharing Analytic Graphs.

Individuals and teams have used Analytic Graphs to solve complicated problems in various domains, including business consulting, product design, business intelligence, regulatory compliance, and software design.

An Analytic Graph is made by incrementally adding fragments of data, information, and knowledge available about the problem and its solutions, defining and discovering relationships and doing computations on these fragments until a clear problem statement and a most promising solution begin to take shape.

Analytic Graphs look as a next, and considerably more advanced generation of box and arrow diagrams. In reality, Analytic Graphs are an advanced and flexible framework for knowledge representation and reasoning. They are used to organize, visualize, and explore data, information, and knowledge used when solving problems.

The platform, AnalyticGraph.com, makes it easier to create and share Analytic Graphs. It adds algorithms for searching for information in, and doing computations on Analytic Graphs. For example, you can apply predefined and custom queries to find textual content and structural patterns. You can run computations on the content of Analytic Graphs to get answers to non-trivial questions which arise during problem solving.